Backend English




The information revolution has radically affected all our lives and is in the middle of our lives with its avalanche-growing effect. In this case, our duty is not only to watch this revolution, but also to join the choir.

With this course, we want to give you a profession where you can find a job anywhere in the world, you can work remotely if you wish, you will be the person sought instead of the seeker, and you can establish your own personal venture.

With the Back-end Development course, you will be able to put your knowledge and ideas into practice by making a project and you will have the necessary equipment for this.

The selection, sequence and duration of the topics and technologies to be covered in the course have been carefully determined for you, and each of them are both popular and promising topics at the moment.

In addition to learning the necessary technologies, you will know how and in what order you should use them more efficiently.

You will learn to bring your projects to life, thanks to many large and small examples that will be accompanied by your instructor throughout the course.

The course will be mainly on the server side of your project and will focus on the construction of the main work cycle, database operations and what is known as the back-end among programmers.

Thanks to the course, you will be able to design the working architecture of a blog site, a corporate site or an e-commerce site project and create the management panel. In short, we teach you to take your dreams and initiatives out of dreams and bring them to life.

*Video recordings of the lessons are shared with our students.

The language of education is Turkish.


Topics to be covered in this exciting course, which will be the turning point of your life at the beginning of your career journey, as for many others:

  • Node.js
  • Express.js 
  • SQL Commands (CRUD Operations)
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose