European Union Supported Projects

We offer our coding and graphic design classes both online and in a classroom setting. Face-to-face education is a significant step that greatly contributes to your children’s development. In this special experience, students will actively learn with the guidance of their teachers, interacting with classmates. In our online classes, they have the opportunity to follow lessons from any environment.
Here are the details:
We provide coding and graphic design classes for students aged 8-18 in homogeneous classes based on age and level for a duration of 6 weeks.
Each class has a limited capacity of only 10 participants, so spaces are limited.
Participation is entirely free, as it is supported by the European Union Coding Project.
We accommodate a total of 240 students, offering both online and face-to-face classroom environments, so reserve your spot now! (Face-to-face education is currently only available in the city of Wiesbaden.)
Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to help your children develop their coding and graphic design skills. Apply now to take advantage of the support provided by the European Union.

ATTENTION: Due Date October 1, 2023.
For applications and more information You can reach us using the contact details below:
Email: info@digihomeschool

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