Coding for Kids and Youngers

Coding is the shining star of the 21st century, revolutionizing every aspect of today’s world. – self-driving cars, robot-assisted surgery, social media, banking, the energy and more…

Digi-Homeschooling brings children aged 8-17 together with the most important skills of today and tomorrow.

Children who code can be successful at school in math and many subjects, even reading, while developing a skill that will prepare them for future job opportunities.

Children become the producers of technology, not the consumers!

As Digi-Homeschooling, we have prepared wonderful road maps for our children that will continue for 2 years, depending on their age.

— Digi-Homeschooling

In all of our coding paths, the monthly payment is fixed at 27 €. The first month of our training packages is FREE.


1. What are the processes related to Jobcenter?

….Those who receive support from digi-homeschooling will fill in the pdf document with the link below and send it to us, and they can send the form filled and signed by digi-homeschooling to Jugendamt. Thus, the amount determined by Jugentamt of your state will be deposited into your account every month or once.

2. What is the language of education?

Education is given in Turkish.

3. What are the course fee payment methods?

When the payment day for the course comes, a payment order is sent through the accounting line. IBAN number and paypal account are specified in this instruction. Necessary payments are made here.

4. Are there any payment facilities? Is an advance payment discount possible?

When the payment day for the course comes, a payment order is sent through the accounting line. In this instruction, separate fees for each course offer separate advantages. If the installment payments are made in advance, whether there is a discount or not is stated in the payment order.

5. Is it possible to exit at any stage of the course?

When the payment day for the course comes, a payment order is sent through the accounting line. In this instruction, it is possible to exit, freeze registration or switch between courses at any stage, provided that the articles of each contract are adhered to. All details regarding this issue are included in the contract articles.

6. Is there a sibling and friend discount?

There are sibling and friend discounts, and there are also advantageous conditions for those who participate in more groups. If the number of groups is sufficient to create a new class, it is also possible to determine the day and time of the course according to the group.

7. Will a certificate be issued? Which language?

A signed and stamped certificate is given at the end of each course. Certificate language is English.

8. Can I start from the course I want?

You can start from any course as long as the age group is suitable. However, we recommend that you follow the course order created by us in order to get the most out of the course and become a good software developer.

9. What are the minimum hardware specifications of the courses?

The hardware features that can easily run office programs will be sufficient. It is not allowed to attend classes by mobile phone. Participation with a tablet should only be preferred in compulsory situations (such as being on a trip). Your computer operating system does not matter, as applications are usually made through the browser. It can be Windows, Linux or OS. In addition, although it is not compulsory, using dual monitors provides great convenience during the performance of the lessons. You can also provide the same convenience by joining with two different devices. For example, you can watch the lesson on a tablet and practice it on a computer.

10. Are video recordings of the lessons shared?

At the end of each lesson, the video recording is shared only with the relevant class. In this way, it is an archive in case of repetitions, inability to attend the course or in case of need for any reason

11. Can I ask the teacher a question outside of class hours?

There will be a designated communication channel for each class. From here, it is possible to ask questions to both the teacher and classmates and to discuss a specific topic.

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