Python Programming

Python Programming

10 February 2022

Python Programming

Age : 12+

Start Date : 06 April 2022

Duration : 12 weeks (3 months)

Course days : Wednesday-Saturday,

Course hours : 7 p.m – 8 p.m. (Wednesday), 7 p.m – 9 p.m.(Saturday),

Maximum student number : 15,

Course fee : 45 €/month, ( Total course fee : 135 € )

* Video recording of the lessons will be shared with our students.


In our course, you will learn Python, which is the programming language that can respond to the needs of the software world the fastest.

It will be easier for you to understand all the basic concepts of programming logic as you can write faster than in other programming languages. Everything you need to know will be taught step by step in our Python course.

You will gain the ability to produce solutions to the problems you encounter with Python programming and the ability to divide and manage the related problem into sub-problems. While coding, you will develop the relevant basic algorithms by using your imagination and you will be able to produce rich content. Thus, by learning the logic of programming at an early age, you will take a solid step into the software world of the future.

Why Python?

Python is a simple, plain and powerful programming language. It is also faster to learn than other popular programming languages. For this reason, a lot of work can be done in this language by writing less code. Another plus is that it works on almost all platforms. Developing applications in this language is quite comfortable.

Its usage areas and application capacity are expanding day by day in the world. The need for programmers who know the Python language is increasing at the same rate.

Python programming language is preferred for basic programming teaching content in most of the academic institutions.

There are libraries with very rich content and responding to different needs. It also has a very large developer community.

With Python, you can develop desktop applications, work on artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, work in the fields of embedded systems, robotic coding, image processing, and develop web pages.

Educational goals

Learning the basics of programming with Python,

To learn to transfer problems and algorithms that produce solutions to the computer using Python,

Mastering software development with Python,

To gain and develop algorithmic thinking skills,

To increase the student’s self-confidence as a software developer,

To learn how to use Object Oriented Programming in practice,

Getting to know Python libraries with rich content,

To be able to apply the Python programming language to real world projects.


  • Introduction to Python,
  • Defining variables and managing variable types (Expense calculation application),
  • Knowing the operators and knowing their priorities (Calculator application),
  • Basic Expressions and Conditions (Grade calculation application),
  • Loops (Character comparison application, Autonomous Robot moving application),
  • Data Structures (Social media account directory creation application),
  • Functions (Number Guessing Game),
  • Working with Files (Reading Current Coronavirus Data),
  • Error checking (Password check app),
  • Classes (Application development that keeps Staff Records),
  • Modules and Packages (Example module usage).