Digital Literacy (Free)

Children have a great advantage with their understanding of digital literacy.

Digital Literacy

This course is designed for students who have completed our Basic Scratch course.

Digital literacy education is provided in conjunction with the Basic Scratch course

Who is it suitable for?
It is for students aged 8-12 who do not have a Scratch background.


The aim of digital literacy education is to introduce our students to the competencies of the digital world and equip them with essential skills.
Through this training, students will learn fundamental skills related to the software and applications they will encounter in their roadmaps, and they will be prepared to learn and develop software.

Children have a significant advantage with a digital literacy understanding. In such an interconnected world, children learn digital skills from an early age. As many schools now require projects and assignments to be presented online, children are expected to have basic skills such as writing a document, conducting research using a search engine, sending an email, and using the internet safely. 

Digital literacy curriculum has now become more mandatory than ever.
The challenge we face is using technology without clearly understanding its purpose. Children using social media need to understand how it works, who can see their activities, and what digital footprint they are leaving behind.
This training aims to make children aware of conscious sharing by treating online communication as if it were face-to-face communication. Our digital literacy education curriculum focuses on the following topics:

Think Before You Share: Digital Footprint and Responsible Communication
Be Sure It’s Real: Phishing, Fraud, and Credible Sources
Keep Your Secrets: Internet Safety and Passwords
Be Good, Be Private: Combating Negative Internet Behaviors
Speak Up When Something’s Wrong: Suspicious Content and Scenarios
Our training is designed to teach digital literacy topics in an entertaining way, in conjunction with our Basic Scratch curriculum.


  • 1. Dijital Dünyaya Giriş
    2. Dijital ayak izi kavramı ve önemi
    3. Saygılı ve etkili çevrimiçi iletişim kurma
  • 4. Kişisel bilgilerin korunması

5. Güvenilir bilgi kaynaklarına erişim

6. İnternet Güvenliği

7. Şifre Güvenliği

8. Olumsuz Davranışları Tanıma değerlendirme becerileri

9. Çevrimiçi olumsuzluklara karşı başa çıkma stratejileri

10. Bilgisayar başında sağlığımızı korumak

11. Dijital Oyunlar ve Zaman Yönetimi

12. Çevrimiçi içerikleri

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