Exceptional videos with rich tools in a very simple way.

By learning advanced tools in a short time, you can become a professional Premiere user sooner than you expect.


Who is it suitable for?
It is suitable for professionals or hobbyists who want to edit either their own recorded videos or videos from various sources and create a new video/film project through montage and editing. In particular, using Premiere is beneficial for those who create and edit their own social media content.

Adobe Premiere is a programme that allows you to easily edit, assemble and cut videos with its extensive tools to create a new video for publication on any platform. Especially in this day and age where virtually everyone is sharing videos on social media, the number of users is very high. One reason for Premiere’s popularity is that you can easily work with videos in virtually any format and any size (4K, 8K, etc.). Of course, when talking about videos, we can’t imagine that there is no sound editing.

You can also use the audio tools to make extensive changes to the sound and easily adjust the synchronisation. For example, you can easily remove background noise and quickly apply effects just by dragging and dropping.

You can learn the logic of Adobe Premiere very quickly. By quickly learning advanced tools, you can become a more professional Premiere user in less time than you expected. The artistic perspective plays a role here. This means the ability to edit.

Two of the biggest advantages of Adobe Premiere are its compatibility with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. It works particularly well with the general performance of the computer. Among its many features, Adobe Premiere stands out for its video editing, effects application and real-time input and output capabilities. It is known as the apple of the TV and film industry’s eye.

There are also video layers like Photoshop layers. The top layer shows the visible area of the video, while the transparent parts show the area below. With this logic, you can mix numerous videos and create a completely new video.

Developed skills
3D thinking ability
Problem solving ability
Attention and concentration
Logical thinking
Critical thinking
Creative thinking
Versatile thinking
Research and decision making
Self-confidence and social interaction
Long and short term memory improvement

NOTE: We take care of the development of our students individually. Therefore, we cannot accept more than 8 students per class.

System requirements:
64-bit multi-core Intel processor,
Recommended RAM: 16 GB,
Graphics card with 8 GB,
Available hard drive space: 7.44 GB,
Screen resolution: 1280×800.


1. introduction to Premiere and basic information about the user interface
Introduction to Premiere Pro
Introduction to the user interface and basic controls
2. media management and project creation
Media import and organisation
Creating a new project and basic settings
3. basic editing techniques
Cutting, copying and pasting
Using the timeline
4. transition effects and basic effects
Basic transition effects
Applying basic effects
5. audio editing and sound effects
Adding and editing audio tracks
Basic sound effects and sound settings
6. colour editing and colour effects
The basics of colour editing
Colour effects and colour correction
7. advanced cutting and editing techniques
Acceleration and delay techniques
Advanced cutting and editing strategies
8. use of animations and keyframes
Visual and text animations
Keyframe utilisation

9. titles and graphics
Creating a simple headline
Adding graphics and images
10. tracking and colour editing
Using screen tracking (proxy).
Adobe After Effects integration for colour editing
11. exit and export procedures
Exporting and sharing your project
Export settings to different formats
12. project management and extended functions
Project management and organisation
Advanced functions: Multi-camera montage, workflow improvements
13. grading and colour correction
Using the Lumetri control panel
Advanced colour grading techniques
14. sound effects and sound mixing
Sound effects and advanced sound settings
Audio mixing techniques
15. digital storytelling
Basics of digital storytelling
The effect of montage on storytelling
16. multicam editing
Preparation for multicam projects
Multicam editing techniques

17. green screen techniques
Green screen basics
Advanced green screen effects
18. creative video effects
Particle effects and motion graphics
Creative video effects applications
19. 360-degree video editing
360-degree video basics
Editing in 360-degree projects
20. interactive media and VR
Interactive media projects
VR projects (virtual reality).
21 Adobe Stock and other integrations
Use of Adobe Stock and other media sources
Integration with other Adobe applications
22 Workflow improvements and automation
Workflow enhancements and hotkeys
Scripting and automation tools
23. content production for social media
Content production optimised for social media
TikTok and Instagram reel formats
24. project evaluation and portfolio creation
Evaluation of the skills learnt
Tips for creating a professional portfolio

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