Convert ready-made objects to 3D. Twinmotion Course

Tinkercad is one of the most fun design programs to use. With its colorful interface, you can do even very serious tasks with pleasure.

The duration of this course is 2 hours a week.
This course lasts 6 months.
The MONTHLY fee for this course is 37 euros.
Who is it suitable for?
It is suitable for students aged 15+ who love artistic and visual work.

Tinkercad, offered for free by Autodesk, is an application that allows you to create 3D designs online using the simplest pre-made objects. Moreover, you can transform these designs into real models by printing them with a 3D printer. Additionally, you can convert them into animations or logical movements using the block codes available within Tinkercad. This enhances both the artistic and mathematical aspects of children.
Furthermore, it is an application that best concretizes theoretical geometry lessons. You can use it on your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with ease to create your designs.
Tinkercad is one of the most enjoyable design programs to use. With its colorful interface, you can even joyfully tackle serious tasks. If you want to start creating your own designs, you can open a free account, create your profile, save your models, and work on them later. After creating your profile, you can share your models and use models shared by others.
In this way, by enriching your Tinkercad account gradually, you can make progress in content creation day by day. Digi-Homeschooling, which is highly professional in providing education in the world of information technology to children and young people, teaches Tinkercad to your children with its professional teaching staff.

Skills Developed
3 Dimensional thinking ability
Problem solving ability
Attention and focus
Reasoning & Critical thinking
Productive thinking
Multidimensional thinking
Research, decision making
Self-confidence and socialisation
Long-term and short-term memory development

NOTE : We are interested in the development of our students one by one. For this reason, we cannot accept more than 10 students in a class.
Video recordings of the lessons are shared with our students.
The language of instruction is English.
Duration : 6 months
Monthly Course Fee :
First two months : Free
Following months : 27 € / Week

Discounts :
Advance payment discount: 15
Sibling & Friend Discount : 10%
Other course discount : 10% (valid for Digi-Homeschooling courses)
Note: A maximum discount of 25% is available.
Terms and conditions for sending 3D Design printing:
1. 3D Printer printing + shipping fee is 19 € for students who leave at the end of the first 2 months
2. 3D Printer printing and shipping is free of charge for our students who continue our course from the 3rd month.
3. Shipping fee will be charged separately for European countries other than Germany (except Turkey).
4. 3D Printer prints will be sent free of charge from Ankara to our continuing students in Turkey.
Age : 8-12
Suitable: For students aged 16+ who love artistic and visual work.
Education Programme : 1 lesson per week
System Requirements : The application runs on all web browsers on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It can operate smoothly on any device capable of running basic office programs.


Introduction to Twinmotion and Basic Interface Information
What is Twinmotion?
Interface Introduction and Basic Controls
Project Creation and Basic Settings
Creating a New Project and Basic Settings
Project Settings and Usage
3D Model Import and Editing
3D Model Import
Model Editing and Optimization
Basic Lighting and Atmosphere Settings
Basic Lighting Strategies
Weather and Atmosphere Settings
Material and Shader Usage
Basic Material and Shader Settings
Material Library Usage
Plants and Landscape Design
Adding and Arranging Plants
Landscape Design Principles
Creating Animations
Basic Camera Animations
Object Animations and Paths
Moving Water and Other Liquids
Water and Other Liquid Effects
Creating Moving Water
Weather Conditions and Seasons
Weather Conditions and Settings
Creating Different Seasons
Realistic Rendering and Lighting
Realistic Render Settings
Advanced Lighting Techniques
VR (Virtual Reality) and Panorama Creation
Creating a Twinmotion VR Project
Panorama and 360 Degree Image Creation

12. Project Management and Sharing
13. Advanced Camera and Lighting Controls
Advanced Camera Animations and Controls
Advanced Lighting Settings
14. Adding People and Vehicles
Adding Human Figures and Animations
Adding Vehicles and Creating Paths
15. Advanced Materials and Shader Use
Node-Based Material Creation
Shader Advanced Techniques
16. Integration with Game Engines
Integrating Twinmotion Projects into Unity or Unreal Engine
Collaboration with Game Engines
17. Advanced Plant and Landscape Design
Advanced Plant Arrangements and Additions
Details in Landscape Design

18. Advanced Atmospheric and Weather Controls
Realistic Weather Conditions Simulation
Advanced Atmosphere Controls
19. Film and Animation Projects
Introduction to Short Film and Animation Projects
Storytelling and Visual Effects
20. Audio Integration and Mixing
Adding and Editing Sound Effects
Audio Integration and Mixing Techniques
21. Advanced Rendering Techniques
High Quality Render Settings
Advanced Rendering Techniques
22. VR Advances and Virtual Tour Projects
Creating an Advanced VR Project
Introduction to Virtual Tour Projects
23. Joining the Twinmotion Community and Resources
Twinmotion Community and Forums
Twinmotion Resources and Training Materials
24. Project Evaluation and Portfolio Creation
Evaluation of Created Projects
Twinmotion Portfolio Creation Tips

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Course Price

37€ (Monthly)

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