Basic Scratch

What Do Kids Learn with Scratch?

Basic Scratch Course

General :

In our course, after the basic information about the algorithm is given and the Scratch program is introduced in detail, a student-oriented project is developed with the student. Programming logic is taught by developing a project with our students. In addition, education-oriented applications and animations are developed with the Scratch program, and it is taught to use the Scratch program actively in other lessons and especially in foreign language learning.

With Scratch, students gain the ability to divide and manage problems into sub-problems with their own unique solutions. They can construct algorithms by using their imagination, and their reasoning skills are developed with algorithm design. By learning the logic of programming at an early age, he or she steps into the world of the future.

Goals :

To learn how to transfer any problem and solution steps of the problem to the computer with Scratch,

Gaining the ability to think algorithmically,

Learning game programming logic,

Developing educational applications

To be able to use Scratch program in foreign language (English) vocabulary learning

To teach students project development and interface design,

To be able to apply coding with Scratch to all areas of life.

Content :

  • Why is software important?
  • Importance of algorithm and algorithm design,
  • Introduction and installation of the Scratch program,
  • Adding Sprites and Decors,
  • Steps to make original designs,
  • Explanation of code blocks,
  • Adding a library,
  • Teaching the basics of game programming,
  • Developing education-oriented applications with Scratch,
  • Developing applications for learning English words,
  • Teaching animation,
  • Making coding that touches life and interests with Scratch,
  • Developing an original project for student interest.