We aim for basic or advanced students to reach an academic level with our curriculum that can increase their levels.

Course frequency: two lessons a week (45 minutes + 45 minutes)
It is a 1-year course consisting of 3 monthly modules.
The MONTHLY fee is €58.
Who is it suitable for?
It is suitable for beginners in the Turkish language.

For students who are new to learning Turkish, the aim is to provide support for them to become acquainted with the Turkish language by teaching names, colors, basic objects, and the fundamental sentence structure. The goal is to help them start learning Turkish confidently. Additionally, support is provided for Turkish classes at school to serve as a motivation for students to develop an appreciation for the language.

For students with a foundation or those who are advanced, our curriculum is designed to elevate their proficiency levels and reach an academic level. In the Digi-Homeschooling Turkish Course, we adopt an attitude that addresses all four language skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening) to make students individuals who can use Turkish in all areas of life. We prioritize this approach throughout their education and have implemented a system for students to closely monitor their performance and progress. An attendance sheet, filled out and evaluated by the teacher after each class, indicates students’ participation and progress or shortcomings. High-interaction activities are preferred during classes to encourage the participation of all students.

Before classes start, WhatsApp groups are created, including students, teachers, parents, and department heads, to provide information and announcements. After each class, our teachers assign homework and inform the parents, ensuring that students will enhance their Turkish language skills gradually and make progress day by day.
Digi-Homeschooling, highly professional in providing education to children and youth, teaches Turkish to your children with a professional teaching staff.

Course Objectives:
Supporting school lessons
Preparing for school exams
Developing Turkish thinking skills
Ensuring that students go to school with more confidence and better understanding of subjects
Enhancing students’ proficiency in all four Turkish language skills.

Developed Skills:
Turkish Speaking
Turkish Reading and Writing
Turkish Listening
Attention and Focus
Self-confidence and Socialization

Curriculum - Elementary

Basic Expression and Communication
Names and Greetings
Dating and Basic Personal Information
Numbers and Basic Mathematical Expressions
Colors and Basic Descriptions
Basic Daily Activities and Routines
Food and beverages
Simple Directions and Locations
Family Expressions and Relative Introductions
Time Concepts: Hour, Days and Week
Shopping Basics and Basic Shopping Dialogs
Weather and Seasons
Basic Emotions and Feeling Expressions

Basic Grammar and Structures
Verbs and Conjugations
Pronouns: Personal Pronouns and Specified Pronouns
Possessive Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives
Definite and Indefinite Turkish Nouns
Turkish Adjectives and Adjective Types
Time Concepts: Present Tense and Past Tense
Making Question Sentences and Question Words
Positive, Negative and Interrogative Sentences
Prepositions and Their Uses
Turkish Conjunctions and Related Sentence Structures
Basic Turkish Adverbs and Their Uses
Combining Two Sentences: Conjunctions and Connectors

Daily Life and Communication
Basic Household Items
School and Education Phrases
Essential Health Phrases
Restaurant and Food Ordering
Transportation Means and Directions
Hobbies and Leisure Activities
Basic Job and Profession Introductions
Culture and Traditions
Basic Arts and Entertainment Activities
Holiday and Travel Plans
Problems Encountered in Daily Life and Their Solutions
Human Rights and Social Issues

Deepening Grammar and Communication Skills
Dialogues and Daily Conversation Practices
Paragraph Structure and Basic Writing Rules
Expression Types: Narrative, Explanatory and Persuasive Writings
Basic Expression and Speaking Skills
Reading Comprehension and Text Analysis
Creative Writing: Writing Stories and Poems
Discussion and Argumentation Skills
Advanced Grammar and Complex Sentence Structures
Advanced Vocabulary and Word Selection
Current Issues and Expressions Used in Daily Life
Communication and Professional Correspondence in the Business World
An In-Depth Look at Turkish Culture: History, Art, Literature

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Course Price​

58€ (Monthly)

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