Present your projects in augmented reality.

Even if you’re using SketchUp for the first time, you’ll be good enough to model something within a few hours of opening the program.


The duration of this course is 2 hours a week.
This course lasts 6 months.
The MONTHLY fee for this course is 37 euros.
Who is it suitable for?
It is suitable for students aged 16+ who love artistic and visual work.

SketchUp is like a pen with superpowers. It is a very good choice to start modelling the physical world. Compared to existing three-dimensional modelling programs, it is very easy to use. One of the reasons why it has become very popular in this field in recent years is that even if you are using SketchUp for the first time, you can get enough to model something within a few hours after opening the program. You don’t need thick manuals or special modelling knowledge. Modelling in SketchUp is as simple as opening the program and drawing something.
You can also present your projects completed with SketchUp as augmented reality.
With this course for young people and adults, Digi-Homeschooling teaches you the Twinmotion programme easily and quickly with its professional teaching staff for those who aim to work in the fields of architecture and engineering.

Education Programme : 2 lesson hours per week
Skills Developed
3 Dimensional thinking ability
Problem solving ability
Attention and focus
Reasoning & Critical thinking
Productive thinking
Multidimensional thinking
Research, decision making
Self-confidence and socialisation
Long-term and short-term memory development

NOTE : We are interested in the development of our students one by one. For this reason, we cannot accept more than 10 students in a class.
Video recordings of the lessons are shared with our students.
The language of instruction is English.
Duration : 6 months
Monthly Course Fee : 37 €
15% discount is applied for advance payments.
System Requirements : The application runs in all web browsers on Windows, Mac or Linux. It can easily run on all devices that can easily run simple office programmes.


1: Introduction and Basic Tools
Introduction to SketchUp
Interface Introduction
Basic Tools: Line, Rectangle, Circle, etc.
2: Drawing and Editing Tools
Linear Drawing Tools
Editing Tools: Move, Rotate, Measure, etc.
3: Surface Works
Introduction to Surface Studies
Rectangular and Cluttered Surfaces
Coating and Coloring
4: Groups and Components
Creating and Editing Groups
Component Concept and Usage
5: Layers and Materials
Use of Layers
Material Application and Customization
6: Scaling and Dimensioning
Scaling the Model
Sizing Tools
7: Camera and Render Settings
Camera Settings
Basic Render Settings
8: 3D Modeling Techniques
Push/Pull and Extrude Techniques
Rotation and Tilting Operations

9: Complex Modeling
Curved Surfaces and Lofting
Using Spline and Follow Me
10: Positioning and Geo-Positioning
Positioning the Model
Integration with Google Earth
11: Animation and Dynamic Components
Creating Basic Animation
Use of Dynamic Components
12: Modeling Tips and Advanced Tools
In-depth Dive into Tiers and Rankings
Modeling Tips and Quick Tool Use
Topographic Modeling with Sandbox Tools
13: Advanced Editing and Changes
Boolean Operations and Advanced Editing
Sensitivity to Layers and Advanced Customization of the Model
14: Rendering and Display Techniques
Advanced Render Settings
High Quality Imaging and Lighting Techniques
15: Model Optimization and Performance Tips
Model Optimization and Memory Management
Performance Tips for Large Projects

16: Plugins and Extensions
Introducing and Installing SketchUp Plugins
Working with Advanced Plugins
17: Advanced Project Management and Collaboration
Advanced Project Management Strategies
SketchUp Pro and SketchUp for Web Collaboration Features
18: Project and Presentation Preparation
Project Management and Organization
Preparing a Presentation with SketchUp Layout
19: Project -1 Modern House Design
Create a modern home with advanced modeling and interior design.
20:Garden Landscape Design
Get practice in gardening and landscaping design.
21: Ancient City Reconstruction
Master historical details by making a 3D reconstruction of a historical city.
22: Furniture Design
Improve your detailed modeling skills by designing unique furniture pieces.
23: Modern Office Interior
Design a functional office interior and increase your practice with furniture placement.
24: Architectural Detail Work
Work on architectural details to create non-functional but aesthetically important elements.

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