Step into the 3D World:
Blender Course

The duration of this course is 2 hours a week.
This course lasts 6 months.
The MONTHLY fee for this course is 37 euros.
Who is it suitable for?
It is suitable for students aged 15+ who love artistic and visual work.

Unleash your artistic side. Imagine, model, overlay and present with animation tools.
Blender is an open source and free 3d software package. The reason it is called a package is that it includes 3D modelling, animation software, as well as a game engine, a video editing software and an audio editing software. So Blender is a highly capable software than it looks. Due to the fact that it is open source code, it is getting stronger and stronger every day. In addition to so many advantages, the fact that it is free adds a separate freedom.

Blender is capable of responding to all kinds of modelling and animation, especially real modelling. The sample modelling done in these lessons may seem very simple to you. If you do the examples very successfully, if you adopt the lessons to the end, you can show your own artistic side. Modelling, Sculpting, Coating, Lighting, Camera, Animation techniques are used in the lessons. When the lessons we provide as Digi-Homeschooling are over, you will be fully familiar with almost all the design features of Blender.

Digi-Homeschooling, which is very professional in teaching children and young people in the world of informatics, teaches Blender to your children with its professional teacher staff.

Education Programme : 2 lesson hours per week
Skills Developed
3 Dimensional thinking ability
Problem solving ability
Attention and focus
Reasoning & Critical thinking
Productive thinking
Multidimensional thinking
Research, decision making
Self-confidence and socialisation
Long-term and short-term memory development

NOTE : We are interested in the development of our students one by one. For this reason, we cannot accept more than 10 students in a class.
Video recordings of the lessons are shared with our students.
The language of instruction is English.
Duration : 6 months
Monthly Course Fee : 37 €
15% discount is applied for advance payments.

System Requirements : The application runs in all web browsers on Windows, Mac or Linux. It can easily run on all devices that can easily run simple office programmes.


Blender Interface and Basic Controls
Introduction to Blender
Interface Introduction
Basic Controls: Navigation, Selection Tool, Rotation and Scaling
2. Basic Modeling Tools
Creating and Editing Mesh Objects
Basic Modeling Tools like Extrude, Loop Cut, and Bevel
3. Material and Coloring
Material and Shader Concepts
Coloring and Base Material Applications
4. Basic Lighting
Different Light Types and Settings
Shadows and Lighting Techniques
5. Camera Settings and Perspective
Camera Settings and Viewpoints
Perspective and Scene Composition
#6: Animation Fundamentals
Basic Animation Principles
Animating Objects and Basic Animations
7. Basic UV Mapping
UV Mapping Basics
Texture and Image Import
8. Particles and Simulations
Particle Systems and Basic Settings
Rigid Body and Soft Body Simulations

9. Arrangement and Composition
Video Editing Basics
Render Outputs and Post-Production
10. Modifier and Deformation Tools
Modifier Concepts
Deformation Tools and Mesh Editing
11. Metarial Customization and Shader Advanced
Node Based Shader Creation
Advanced Material Customization
12. Project and Presentation Preparation
Creating a Personal Project
Render Settings and Project Presentation
13. Sensitivity and Constraints
Connections and Constraints Between Objects
Advanced Animation Techniques
#14: Sculpting and Texture Painting
Sculpting Basics
Texture Painting and Brush Settings
15. Conceptual Design and Concept Modeling
Conceptual Design Strategies
Concept Modeling and Prototyping
16. Architecture and Interior Design
Architectural Modeling Principles
Interior Design and Details

17. Character Design and Rigging
Basic Character Modeling
Rigging Fundamentals
18. Advanced Rendering Techniques
Cycles and Eevee Render Engines
Render Settings and Advanced Rendering Techniques
19. Game Development Basics
Blender Game Engine (BGE) Fundamentals
Game Objects and Controls
20. Python Scripting and Blender API
Python Scripting Basics
Blender API and Automation
21. Unity or Unreal Engine Integration
Integration of Models Created in Blender into Unity or Unreal Engine
Game Development Projects
22. VR and AR Applications
Creating VR and AR Applications with Blender
Project Development and Prototyping
23. Blender Cloud and Community Engagement
Blender Cloud Services
Joining the Blender Community and Resources
24. Personal and Professional Projects
Using Blender in Personal and Professional Projects
Portfolio and Presentation Preparation


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