Call us, let’s discuss the student’s situation, do a free introductory lesson, and if you are satisfied, let’s decide on the day and time of our regular lesson.

Private Lesson

It is the most productive type of lesson. Since the student is the only interlocutor, s/he gives all his/her attention to the teacher. S/he will not pass without understanding the subject in order to answer the questions correctly. Therefore, s/he does not hesitate to ask the places s/he does not understand. 

Digi-Homeschooling private lesson duration is 60 minutes. These 60 minutes may be equivalent to 8 lesson hours in group lessons. Therefore, it responds very quickly to the need.

The course curriculum is also determined according to the needs of the student and offers the opportunity to progress in accordance with the student’s learning speed.

Group Lessons

The student takes lessons in a homogeneous class of 2 or 6 students. In such lessons, students interact with each other and develop their co-operation and social skills. 

In group lessons, students can see the different perspectives of other students and help each other from different perspectives.

In addition, since group lessons are more affordable than individual lessons, they are also a financially advantageous option for students’ families.

Exam Preparation

When exam subjects are given by the student’s home school, Digi-Homeschooling will prepare a customized plan, test techniques, and strategy for you, taking into account the time until the exam. For this, our teaching staff follows the following steps:

  1. Lecturing: They help students to become better equipped about the subjects that will be asked in the exam. Thus, they help students to become more self-confident by reducing exam anxiety.
  2. Test Solving Techniques: Nachhilfe teachers teach students different techniques to solve the types of questions they may encounter in the exam.
  3. Mock Tests: They organize mock exams to help students see how well they do in the exam. These mock exams help students identify their weak points and allow them to study more on topics that will help them perform better in the exam.
  4. Question&Answer: They answer students’ questions.

Homework Support

The Digi-Homeschooling teaching staff offers the following services for the homework that students receive at school:

  1. Lecturing: They provide lectures to the student to ensure that the student fully understands the topic of the assignment.
  2. Resource Suggestions: By suggesting various sources on the subject, they help the student to look at the subject from different perspectives with different narration styles and types.
  3. Structuring: They help students to organize their homework better.
  4. Supervision: Nachhilfe teachers check students’ homework to make sure that it is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, and grammar.
  5. Question and Answer: They answer students’ questions about their homework.

Student Coaching

Student coaching is a service to find solutions to the problems students face in their educational life, to increase students’ self-confidence, and to enable students to get to know themselves better.

Expert Teacher Staff

Effective communication between students and their teachers can increase their concentration in lessons and make their learning more efficient. Our entire teaching staff is aware of this and the administration is constantly monitoring this situation.


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