CodeMonkey Stage-1

CodeMonkey Level-1 (Block Based Coding)​

Our course is 1 hour per week.
The duration of our course is 12 weeks.
The monthly fee for our course is 37 euros.

Who is it suitable for?
It is for students aged 7-12 who do not have a coding background.

Course Information
CodeMonkey Stage-1 (Block-based Coding)
CodeMonkey Level-1 is a modern, fun, and intuitive curriculum for children to learn block-based coding. Through game-based and project-based courses, students aged 7-10 use block-based programming to solve puzzles. In addition to developing analytical thinking and programming skills, CodeMonkey encourages the development of motor skills, such as problem-solving, planning, and mathematical thinking, while increasing proficiency in keyboard and mouse usage.

The content of education
Beaver Achiever:If/Else Conditionals
Beaver Achiever: Conditional Loops
Beaver Achiever: Basic Loops and Algorithms


1. Introduction and Standards
2. Dam Builder Problems
3. Home Builder Problems
4. Smoothie Party Problems

5. Make the Right Decision if-else
6. Let’s Build a Factory If, if-else
7. Group By Color Boolean logic – OR
8. Meeting the Bear Sort

9. I Have a Plan Ranking
10. Cycles Repeat
11. Hula Hoop Nested Loops
12. Let’s Build Our House Sequential cycles

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Course Price

37€ (Monthly)

Course Features​
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