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Tutoring allows students to receive individual support, regain confidence in their own achievements and ultimately improve at school. Many scientific studies have shown that tutoring has a positive effect on school grades for 75 percent of students.

Why Digi-Homeschooling?

The tutoring sessions should therefore be structured as positively and casually as possible: What is particularly important for the student is a sense of achievement, which brings new motivation and positive support instead of pressure and fear during tutoring, so that learning frustration turns into a desire to learn again.

Proper tutoring has a major impact on children’s success. With its experienced teachers, Digi-Homeschooling focuses on children’s learning with fun and without stress.

Online tutoring from elementary school to Uni

The tutoring sessions take place over the internet, which requires a microphone and camera. In addition, you can book all appointments for your individual online tutoring session directly online and spontaneously at any time. This ensures that you can always learn according to your needs and your rhythm of life.

In online tutoring, students and teachers can talk to each other, see each other, work on and solve tasks together.